Monday, May 02, 2011

A year and a half ago, but a universal loneliness

I don't understand why people can't just always be with their loved ones if they want to.
I remember back in the course, during "lunch recess", 30 minutes in which we were (from the middle of the course) allowed to go to our rooms (and at the end of the time we had to stand in a "chet", with a relevant "matzav" paper, etc.), we were in the room, a little oasis of time to be not under the supervision of a mefakedet (but still about to return to being, and still far from family and loved ones, still in the army, on that base), and Leah just started crying. Crying crying crying, like I sometimes did, too. And she hugged whoever was there, and it was such a real cry of "I miss somebody out of here and I want to get OUT OF HERE!" Same with me, just to hug whoevere's there, so desperate and so sad.
When I remember it, it's so SAD and the loneliness and longing is so REAL. And I think to myself, Why?

After all, the whole basic training thing was fake, so why make people go through that fakeness on behalf of being so distanced and so lonely?
It was really horrible...

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