Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nothing's like the first time you write it

This freedom is wonderful!
But the vibrant tellings of art in my mind!
(The friction of what should be done and what is, when I sit amberly like all.)
The images of special effects and angles, when a words is announced,
when a thought is emitted,
When a wind blows.

*&%# [The imagination in my mind is immense, insane and lucid!] My body is it's besieger.

Things flying, colors mending, body parts flailing in the wide universe of air.
I don't want to leave it in a cubic formation of existense between the blood cells in my brain.

I want to share it!
(If only I had the knowledge, the ability and the equipment.)

It's beautiful. Believe me.

the first time i wrote this is was better but it got erased