Monday, September 12, 2011

New York

New York was more about meeting with the atmosphere of the business and the lights and less about being indoors.
In our quest of that, we spent most of our time outdoors, walking around Manhattan, mainly the Times Square area. Overwhelming with colors, people and humungous advertisements. It's great to experience for a few days. How anyone can mentally be able to live there is beyond me.
Gradually grasping on to the idea of the avenues running north-south and the streets east-west, it was pretty simple to find our way around (and convenient with the subway, similar to Washington, D.C. Other than that we were in places with no public transportation, but that wasn't always bad. In Florida the farthest we got on our own without someone else's car was to Dunkin Donuts outside Hungtington Lakes, and the lovely walk there made the donuts yummier).
When we got to the city by bus from Washington we met up with good Israeli friends and rented bikes in Central Park. That was fun. I wished someone on the side would've taken pics of the 5 of us all riding through the park together. Gilad and I spent that night in a fancy hotel room (about 3 times as big as our apartment) right in the center of town. It was great. We woke up and rolled out to Starbucks where we had free wireless internet connection. That's when I called Ann and found out how to get to NJ later. After that, we walked around, entered the huge and renowned B&H store, were astounded by its size and mass of people. Oh, and hassidim! They own the store.
Funny thing is, they probably don't speak Hebrew but the one who DID (*jump four days later to Tuesday when we buy our camera there*) was the Asian salesman who helped us out finding the cam we wanted. He was funny! If I quote him here it won'e be as funny, but I will say that here and there he put in a few Hebrew words in his Asian accent. Was worth a couple laughs!
In trying to explain to us about choosing who to focus on when you have a group of people, he took a bunch of candies from his desk and laid them out.
"This is grandma and grandpa". Two sucking candies landed on the table.
"This is the son and the daughter- in law". Plop. Two more.
"These are all the little grandchildren". Scattered the rest in front.
Great, a whole family here to demonstrate the focus. Remember, it was all in that Asian.
On Friday afternoon we took a bus to north NJ to the Brodsky's for Shabbat. it was very nice. They are really really nice people.
On Shabbat afternoon Gilad and I took the 5-minute walk ot my old house.
On Saturday night Yossi, Meyer and the two of us drove to Teaneck for pizza, and on the way I got to be introduced to a new band that I really like (Lorence & the Machine).
This is all too detailed. The rest I'll tell in short.
Sunday- by AS in NJ. Sunday night- dinner by Uncle Morty and Aunt Rosalie.
Monday- Ellis and Liberty Island. Dinner- kosher place in Chinatown. Really good.
Night- with Gavriel is the FANCY apartment he was staying in next to Central Park.
Tuesday all day with Gavriel, Times Sq., walking around, Hershey's store, M&M store, buying SLR camera (Canon T2I) and external lens (18X135), etc... Rain.
Wednesday- rain rain rain. 10:00 am (approx.): waiting on the TKTS line by the red stairs at Times Sq., waiting to buy half-price tix to a broadway play. 10:40 (approx.): We get tickets to see the musical SPIDERMAN.
Until then we eat lunch at a kosher shnitzel place- Really Good.
The play was Amazing. The sets were Amazing. The flying cords got stuck at one point but it was funny.
That night we saw Cirqu Du Soleil in Radio City Music Hall performing Zarkana: Acrobats, magicians, weird creatures, crazy and colorful sets, dancers, in a surreal digest of color, drama and imagination!
Thursday- off to Chicago.

New York was great. Too bad it's over. I didn't eat enough donuts.

P.S. Meeting Hebrew-speakers in randon places. It's exciting:
On the TKTS line in Times Sq., "tkts workers/ushers/wtvr they're called" were walking up and down the rown (under their umbrellas) calling out information about this line, about where the list of shows is, etc. So this one guy shouted out in English, Spanish and... Hebrew! How do you like that!
In the magic store "Fantasma" the salesman tells us he was in Tel Aviv for about a year or so and leaned Hebrew.
then there was the Japanese guy from B&H (who also visited 'Tel Avi" [in his accent, without the "v" at the end] for a couple of months)...
I can't remember now who else.

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taltalz said...

sounds like u guys are having an amazing time :)
it's so much fun reading all the little details, so keep writing them when u can! (don't worry about over-detailing... :P)
Miss uuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!