Sunday, September 04, 2011

Washinton, D.C

After Florida we flew to Washington. At the airport we took the metro (btw, the machines for paying for a ticket is covered with a bazillion words all over the place, it's confusing!) to my aunt's sister (that would make her my aunt, right? No, she's my uncle's wife's sister). Really nice hosts. But I'n too stiff and I don't know how to flow. It's like- should I go up now to the kitchen? (I'm thirsty) But if they're there, what will I have to say to them? I'm so bad at saying things and talking to people. That's what it's like in a lot of places when I don't feel completely comfortable with the people I'm staying by.
Anyway, we were in Washington, D.C. for two full days. We walked around, from the west side of the National Mall to the east. Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, wuite a few museums (Really, all those Smithsonian museums are amazing. Best, biggest museums in the US, if not in the world). I had such a great time alking through them, even when most of the information wasn't being absorbed (I do remember now that the Civil War was in the 1860's, which is something I never managed to remember before).
We also took the metro to Adams Morgan, which is a long strip of lots of restaurants/diners/bars/etc.
We had a great time in Washington, and covered most of the important places. Gilad was museumed-out by the end and din't want to go into any more, but if I had another day I'd go to all those museums there and stay in each one for a few hours (after two hours in the American History museum, we had seen only a quarter of the whole place! So we continued the next day).
The best part- it's all free!
On Thursday we took a bus to NYC!

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