Thursday, September 01, 2011


We landed in Florida last Sunday, after many hours on two planes, a confusing Madrid airport and not very much sleep. AR and UJ picked us up and as we drove off toward Boca Raton with our suitcases, carry-ons and my mixture of a time-confused brain (hour difference. Three different places) and excitement, the main thought was that the familiar images of the palm trees let way to the darkness of the evening, and the view wasn't as precious as usual. I assured G it's really nice, he just can't see it.
He did, in the days to follow, see the palm trees and the neatly-cut bright green grass, sometimes dry and sometimes wet from rain (he experienced being hot and being rained on simultaneously).
I can safely say that we experienced most of what the area has to offer. In terms of organized places and attractions, at least. In terms of nature we went to Green Cay, Morikami, Butterfly World and the intercoastal. Asie from that, we went to the Cornell Museum in downtown Delray which displayed Crayola crayon art, we went shopping (of course), we ate out for dinner, we ate at home with everyone, we had Shabbat together, G and I were surprised with a cake for our first anniversary (!) for dessert Friday night, we hung around, went to the pool, watched TV, and got to sleep on the world's comfiest bed (but didn't sleep very well).
I got to show G some photo albums (I love the photo albums that are out on the terrace. There are lots of them), show him around the neighborhood (including Dunkin Donuts a few blocks away), take more pictures of the apartment ("more" meaning in addition to the ones I've taken in past years).
It was a good week. It was funny.
Especially with UJ, when he surprised us and came down Friday night!
It's nice, you know, sitting around the table with my aunt and uncle, my grandparents, and this time also my mother and my Gilad! Just listening to everyone's voices, trying to absord it in as Much as Possible!!
We took off on Monday afternoon
Washington, D.C.!


taltalz said...

So much fun hearing what you guys have been up to- keep updating your blog! Missing u guys back home :)
Also- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, it's so weird to think that a year has gone by... I remember it like it was only a couple of months ago... Did you guys do anything special (I mean, apart from the cake and touring around Florida) to celebrate?

*Miriam* said...

I tried to send you a message on fb but now I see you deleted your account or something? I can't find you there. I'm writing you an email now.