Monday, March 12, 2012

Vegan Sagas

Being vegan is without a doubt- depressing. No amazing, rich flavor of cream sauces. That's what I miss the most around here. Occasionally I will eat it out, but here in our home we don't by any animal products anymore.
Today I saw a bird stuck in the greenhouse and I felt bad because I absolutely love birds, they're my friends.
Well you know what, cows are my friends, too. Cows are my brothers and sisters of planet Earth. (And little chickies, too.)
I just made a vegan (no-milk) mushroom-cream sauce for pasta. Came out surprisingly good!
Here it is:


צוות אתר said...

היי מרים, כל הכבוד על הטבעונות היום. הקישור שלך בצד נפלא, אולי אפילו תרצי לשים באנר:

יופי שאת עוזרת להפיץ את ההרצאה העוצמתית הזו.

צוות אתר ההרצאה

taltalz said...

Just make sure you keep some kind of healthy/ balanced diet and replace whatever protein you aren't getting from eggs and milk...

Ben Buckman said...

That does sound depressing. I can understand no meat, but how is dairy harmful? I heard a podcast about a dairy farm recently, they get more milk production the more comfortable they make the cows, so cow comfort and health are important to the business.

*Miriam* said...

I think I wrote about the milk industry a few posts back, when I first started writing about veganism. The cow lives in a small coop for about 3-5 years (that's when they kill her, when she's less productive). Throughout those years, which are probably too long for her in these conditions, she is constantly pregnant, and when she gives birth has her calves taken away from her so as to leave her milk for us. The things I've read on different websites describe really horrible tratment and conditions. i don't know if they are the case in most places, but even if the treatment is "humane" she is still living in a small area, pregnant all her life and has her calves taken away. On our moshav here someone has goats. We saw how the mothers are on one side of the gate and all the little children on the other side, not able to have any contact.

*Miriam* said...

Why should a cow's milk production be for humans? Human mothers have milk for their babies, cows produce milk for their calves. You don't see a giraffe drinking cow milk. Why on earth do humans drink cow milk, and not only that- but distance the calves from their own mothers for this purpose? I can understand taking milk in addition to the calves, but to disallow an animals own babies from having their natural necessity, so that we can have something that tastes good?