Thursday, July 12, 2012

Humans want milk, right?
They take their milk from cows.
Whoever thought of that idea destined cows to an eternal life of slavery and humans an eternity of tyranny.
(I visited a cow farm today, I'll write about that another time.)
I want to ask the world something right now. Listen up:
If humans want milk, and female humans produce milk, why not make an industry of human milk?
You want milk, take it from your own species!
That's healthier, AND you're only effecting your own people, rationally and WILLINGLY. FREELY. You can pay them.
Seriously, why not? (I'm serious)

Cows are forever, generation after generation, an oppressed, enslaved and miserable species. 
I hate to see it, it's so sad.
They are not human, but they are ALIVE, and they deserve to have basic living conditions.

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