Sunday, September 30, 2012

Someone should write, if no one already did, an article about the Lederle Girls Three Sisters in Israel.
They are three South-African sisters, 20, 18 ans 17 if I'm not mistaken (by now they may have grown to the next number), whose family practiced Christianity until recently when they started becoming interested in Judaism. They live in a small pastoral town somewhere not near anywhere (anywhere that I know of, anyway. What do I know from South Africa?), where the Jewish polpulation is maybe zero (?) but nonetheless they somehow started to love Jews and Judaism. Like crazy.
The three sisters left their family for the first time and came to Israel to join a program in which they volunteered in the army for a few months. This was their first time in the holy land, and they absolutely loved the experience. When we met them, a few months ago, at a friend's house for Shabbat lunch, they were raving about Israelis and Jews and how wonderful they (we) and their (our) beliefs are. And of course they each had their most favorite units in the army, one of them being the paratroopers, so when G said he was in that unit, one of them let out a cry like that was the coolest thing in the world. maybe it is... ?
Anyway, they are back home in South Africa now, but still write about their experiences here, espeically the time they spent in Jerusalem. It's really inspiring how people can love a nation so much! I which we really were that great... We could be. We do have special quialities as a whole, if you can generalize, but that's not enough to make us amazing.
We could all be great. Everyone in the world.


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