Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gilad's dinner was once again a hamburger at Burger's Bar. The wait is long for the burger to be fried on the fire. We sat inside, this was my second time in there this week with G waiting for the meat to be properly cooked and put into a bun with vegetables, and this time it seemed too much. Too much to be surrounded by all these people who eat meat like wild boars happily chewing away at a dead animal. [People say to me, humans are meant to eat meat, they are carnivores. Well maybe, but we have the CHOICE to do it or not, unlike wild animals who do it instinctly. Our "nature" is not a valid claim in this argument. In nature, mammals kill each other all the time.]
I went to stand and wait outside. I waited outside, by the train rail, by the tables set up, where people sat around them eating. I was standing near two young Charedi men eating away their meat.
Just eating it, and smoking. The smoke swirled by me and I smelled it for a moment but then the smell passed on. Both of them sat nonchalantly spread out on their chairs, seemingly serene, having a nice meal.
The man farther from me slowly finished his cigarette, I saw.
The train rolled by and I moved back from the tracks, in toward the people.
His cig came to an end, and with two confident fingers at the end of a long white sleeve
Ever so vainly flicked with his two fingers, the cigarette, to a distance of three meters where it landed on the battered ground.
And he continued eating his hamburger.

And then I cried.

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