Friday, October 19, 2012

What's going on here?

Police Shackle Anat Hoffman at for saying "Sh'ma" at Kotel
It's like in radical Islamist countries where women are not as free as men.
The extreme orthodox sect of Judaism in Israel has the monopoly on, well, anything that has to do with religion and relious sites, which is almost everywhere and everything when we're talking about Israel.
Women who sing as a group at the Kotel, or wear a talit, are arrested. Arrested!
This woman, Anat Hoffman, was sent to a prison cell overnight where she wasn't given even a blanket because of a "shortage in the prison" and she shared the cell with a car-thief and a foreign prostitute.
When taken from the kotel, she was pulled away with her arms held behind her back, as if she were a criminal.
At the police station she faced police violence, was dragged on the floor and had a full body check. As if she was hiding what?
Her voice inside, her talit?
Her freedom under her clothes?!

"...אם יש לך ילדה מעל גיל 4, שמאטעס של משרד הדתות ישימו על הילדה (כדי לכסות אותה)... נשים שמפקדות בצה"ל לא יכולות להשביע את החיילים שלהן בכותל" -ענת הופמן

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