Thursday, November 22, 2012

In our theoretical photography classes we analyze all sorts of photos for a long time, sometimes too long- hours nad hours just gazing at photographs and comparing them to others and talking about them... I yawn...
Well I will analyze and compare the guy who influenced us to go into the "Gov" tonight for a drink as we were walking up Yoel Solomon street, toward home.
He was older than the average teen who stands around by Kikar Hachatulot and tries to stop you and get you to come into their pub. He was in his thirtees.
He was polite, and had a sweet smile. He asked us as we passed if we'd like to come in. We said no and continued up the road. Then stopped, and went back.
I told him he was nice, so we came back.
We went in, and we drank.
He was the owner of the pub. The owner himself standing outside trying to get customers. I like that. It's not just the average little waiter in skinny jeans who tries to shove an advert of their place into your hand.
He was nice.
Art class is over, I'm going to sleep.

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