Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I think of the "suffering artist" in despair.
I am in despair.
Not as an artist right now.

This video made me cry. It HURTS me, it's so terribly sad and horrifying to watch that man wring out that live chicken's neck or step on it's head. Or more common phenomena- chickens being thrown into tight coops by non-compassionate, violent "people". A cow after being "schechted"- It's throat is halfway slit but it is still alive, tormentedly flailing and crying before it dies. Schechting-- That is NOT humane. Nothing about this can BE humane.

How can I describe the turbulance this causes, the crisis this is. The evil that must stop. The people that need to start caring. This is not to be slipped away unnoticed!

How can anyone be indifferent toward this? I simply cannot comprehend.

How can I share my despair, at knowing this exists every day every day 
Not only cows
Not only pigs
Not only chickens
Now only turkeys
Not only fish.

Not only, but ALL
suffering every day for nothing
to be a yummy satisfying meal for a human.
That's IT
It's not legitimate.

How can I pass on this feeling of hurt, of sorrow?
I cannot accept this reality.
I cannot accept this cruelty in my life, among living beings.
I cannot watch it, I cannot watch suffering beings.
I cannot let it be, but I cannot do anything.

I don't eat any animal products. It's almost a year now.
What more can I do?
Everyone else still does...

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