Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kosher for PESACH

תקשיבו, חשבתי על קונספט מבריק כשהייתי בסופר שלשום ועברתי ליד כיף-כיף כשר לפסח. החברה של הכיף-כיף וכל מיני חברות אחרות של שוקולדים ושל מאכלים אחרים מתאימות את עצמן לדרישות של פסח כדי שהצרכנים יקנו את המוצרים שלהן. את הוופל בכיף-כיף חברת עלית משנה, הם יוצאים מגדרם וממציאים מתכון מיוחד, רק בשביל שבוע אחד. זה לגמרי רגיל ומובן בארץ שהחברות יעשו את זה כי זה פסח ואנשים לא אוכלים חמץ. חשבתי על שבוע שהוא ללא מוצרי חלב (אני לא אומרת מוצרים ממשקים תעשייתיים כי זה נראה לי יותר מדי בשביל הישראלים, אז הצטמצמתי למוצרי חלב בלבד), כמו שבוע שהוא ללא חמץ. אותה רמת קושי, לא יותר קשה. וכל החברות ימציאו מתכונים חדשים ונטולי חלב לשבוע הזה, ויהיה כיף-כיף "כשר" לאותו שבוע, והם ישקיעו כמו שהם משקיעים במתכונים של פסח, והאוכל יהיה סביר עד טעים כמו בפסח. (ולטבעונים שבינינו זה יהיה נורא נחמד כי נוכל סוף סוף לאכול הכל.)

(אני בטוחה שאם יהיה שבוע כזה הצריכה של מוצרי חלב בכללי תרד בהרבה ואם זה יהיה כך כל שנה, בסופו של דבר פחות פרות יסבלו.)

זה נשמע לי מאוד הגיוני לעשות שבוע כזה. רק שאין שום שבוע כזה בהלכה היהודית (=בחוק הישראלי), לצערי, אז זה אף פעם לא יקרה. אבל חבל. באמת חבל.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I remember four or five years ago when Nana Leila jokingly said they don't buy green bananas because they don't know if they'll still be alive by the time the bananas ripen. That was when she was healthy, and she was always alive the next day to greet ripening bananas.

Until she wasn't.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We live under a club that attracts crazy scary people who hang out outside the club till early hours of morning once or twice a week and who sometimes scream and shriek all night and throw things and swear out the world and violently break out right outside our window and I can't sleep because of their inconsiderate horrifically loud noises and sometimes even really frightened and feel personally threatened. We call the police pretty often. Nothing changes.
It's 2:20 am. I just woke up frightened to some crazy person's deathly, violent shouting and throwing things outside the window and then I saw Gilad's not home yet and I got really really scared.
Gilad's fine and the crazy person shut up or collapsed or died or was caught by the police. In any case, now it's just people talking from that stupid club that should just close down!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I cannot understand, for the life of me, how adults teach children to care for animals and to be compassionate toward them, and exactly with the same breath feed them cruelty toward animals on their plates every day. I want someone to convince me this is not absurd. And do they all KNOW what that chicken went through before it got to their plate? Because I cannot stop seeing the chicken's miserable life cycle in front of my eyes when I see them eating away at that dead meat. איך מבוגרים מלמדים ילדים לחמול על בעלי חיים ובד בבד מגישים להם התאכזרות לבעלי חיים בצלחות שלהם?!

You know what, this deserves a revolution.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I got a shoot of inspiration today when Nadav and Almog, two third-year students, showed us their work since year 1. Boy, are they talented.
Talented and brave.
And brave and charismatic.
Active and fulfilling.
And fulfilling and expressive, and I'm not very good at all but I must start being.
How to work hard and how to be charismatic with my ideas,


Monday, March 11, 2013

My first video, January of last year, with Windows Movie Maker and material I filmed over the year.

Splitscreen video assignment, last week:

Monday, March 04, 2013

What do I WANT

I'm not content today, I don't want to do my projects for school. But what DO I want to do? I can't just not want to do anything.

It's 17:50 now, I need to walk Nemo. I walk her and Gilad comes home half an hour later and I change into something more colorful and we go together to some friend's party and the lights there are yellow and warm and it feels so homey and there's something yummy and vegan there and Gilad and I smile a lot because we see friends we haven't seen in a while, and they're really nice people, the kind you talk to not just to be polite, and we drink some cocktails, and at the end of the night we drive home with friends because we're somewhere a bit far and it's cold out but it's warm in the car and we're sitting in the back and I see the night swipping by, and when we get home, late, I'm still laughing from the alcohol and we lie in bed and watch a funny movie or TV show and in the morning we both wake up late and it's surprisingly sunny through the window and hot out and we decide to go to a spring of water and we then change our minds and go to the ocean instead.

It's 17:56, I need to walk Nemo. Gilad will be coming home at 23:00, I should be asleep by then. I need to do some thinking-homework for tomorrow, plus some practical video homework, but I'm really tired. I don't want to walk Nemo and I don't want to do homework, even though, yeah, I love photography.