Monday, March 04, 2013

What do I WANT

I'm not content today, I don't want to do my projects for school. But what DO I want to do? I can't just not want to do anything.

It's 17:50 now, I need to walk Nemo. I walk her and Gilad comes home half an hour later and I change into something more colorful and we go together to some friend's party and the lights there are yellow and warm and it feels so homey and there's something yummy and vegan there and Gilad and I smile a lot because we see friends we haven't seen in a while, and they're really nice people, the kind you talk to not just to be polite, and we drink some cocktails, and at the end of the night we drive home with friends because we're somewhere a bit far and it's cold out but it's warm in the car and we're sitting in the back and I see the night swipping by, and when we get home, late, I'm still laughing from the alcohol and we lie in bed and watch a funny movie or TV show and in the morning we both wake up late and it's surprisingly sunny through the window and hot out and we decide to go to a spring of water and we then change our minds and go to the ocean instead.

It's 17:56, I need to walk Nemo. Gilad will be coming home at 23:00, I should be asleep by then. I need to do some thinking-homework for tomorrow, plus some practical video homework, but I'm really tired. I don't want to walk Nemo and I don't want to do homework, even though, yeah, I love photography.

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