Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who are those people,
who do cruel things?
The whole world is on stand to protect itself from evil all the time
All of its strength is bent toward the elimination of evil
But who ARE those people who do that evil?
And why do they have a desire to bestow evil upon the world?
Why do people kill and why do people rape and torture?
In my wildest dreams I would never come close to causing such pain to any other human being or animal.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

There are numerous cruel genocides going  
on right now.
There is terrible suffering.
And a lot of killing.
You know what's crazy about this?
IT COULD BE STOPPED SO EASILY if you just make a choice.

I cannot convince anyone of anything, for god's sake, no one really cares that much about other species, but just do me a favor and please watch this video. Just watch it, okay?


We share this earth with other Earthlings and suffering should equalize everyone.
This is a movie called "Earthling". I started watching it, after hearing a short speech by the vice president of Citi bank about the animal industries.
The first part of Earthling is about our PETS. Well, not OUR pets, but the crisis of pets in general (dogs, cats). I guess the movie is talking about the Unites States, and I don't know where else this happens, but probably in other countries as well. Many municipalities aparently hold stray animals in very rough conditions. Many private people hold animals in cages to sell to animal shops and animal shows. There are video exerpts of such animals, dogs in tiny cages, running around themselves in circles because they are going crazy. Outside the cage there is a whole yard but these poor dogs are stuck in these cages. And seeing dogs like that arouses much symaphy (from me at least) because of how close we humans are to dogs, emotionally. It was like imagining a human in there, for months, or years, in a tiny cage.
I recommend you watch the movie instead of hear about it through my limping explanations.
They show dogs who are killed in gas chambers, and then they take them out once they've died and throw them in the garbage.

I stopped watching the video after a few minutes, and all I could think was Oh my god.
This is horrible, and what's worse is that I can only watch and not do anything about it. So what am I watching for? I stopped.

And I looked at Nemo, cuddled up right in back of my laptop, on the bed, on the blanket, dreaming away, so contently. I am so happy I can give at least this one precious dog a nice home and caring owners.
I really feel happy for Nemo and for other dogs who live in caring homes.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Imagine how strong this could be:
I display an exhibit of my journey through veganism, through mainly what I've written over time.
And as you walk through the exhibit, it becomes more and more dark and more despairing and depressing, until you get to the end, where I write:
אני מיואשת. לאף אחד לא אכפת מחיות
And then I'm there, the artist (this is opening night, and there are all sorts of people), and as they look at me
I stab myself in the heart
I share my fate with all those millions of animals.

אני מיואשת. לאף אחד לא אכפת מבעלי חיים

אנחנו חושבים שהאכילה היא מטרה חשובה כזאת. אמור לי משהו: למה חוש הטעם, הגס מכל החושים שלנו, פטור מכללי המוסר ששולטים בחושים אחרים שלנו? כשמתחילים לחשוב על זה, זה טירוף. מדוע אסור לאדם חרמן לאנוס בעל חיים כמו שלאדם רעב מותר להרוג ולאכול אותו? קל לזלזל בשאלה הזאת אבל קשה לענות עליה. ואיך תשפוט אמן שהטיל מומים בבעלי חיים בתוך גלריה משום שזה מושך מבחינה ויזואלית. כמה מרתק צריך להיות קול של בעל חיים מעונה כדי שתשתוקק כל כך לשמוע אותו? נסה לדמיין כל מטרה אחרת חוץ מחוש הטעם שבשבילה יהיה מוצדק לעשות מה שאנחנו עושים לחיות משק.
מתוך הספר "לאכול בעלי חיים}

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

חג הרצח ההמוני מתקרב

Monday, April 08, 2013

Holocaust Remembrance Day, and Independance Day

ההסתכלות שלי על יום השואה השתנתה בעקבות השיעור של רועי בושי ביום רביעי לפני כמה שבועות ובעקבות אחד הסרטים הקצרים שהוקרנו אתמול בסינמטק, "A Documentary Film About the Holocaust".
אכתוב על זה עוד בהמשך אולי, כשלא אהיה עייפה.
ובקשר ליום העצמאות, אני לא אוהבת את כל המנגלים. זה כל כך הרבה בשר שנשחט. בהתחלה לא היה לי קשה להיות בסביבת אנשים שאוכלים בשר, אבל עם הזמן זה הפריע לי יותר, ועכשיו זה ממש דוחה אותי ומכעיס אותי, וכשאני באיזה מפגש של אנשים שאני מכירה, בעיקר משפחה וחברים, וכולם טוחנים בשר כאילו אין מחר ואין מוות וכלום לא משנה, אני פשוט לא מצליחה ליהנות. השנה, בערב יום העצמאות, המשפחה של גילעד מארגנת על-האש (במקום השבת המשפחתית שהם עושים כל שנה. שזה, לדעתי, הרבה יותר שווה). אני לא מבינה! למה ביום העצמאות לעשות על-האש? מה זה המנהג הזה? למה כל כך הרבה בשר?
אני מאוד מתלבטת. בזמן האחרון נהיה לי כבר ממש מאוס ללכת למנגלים, ואני מתלבטת אם ללכת או לא. לא כאיזו מחאה, אלא פשוט כי זה קשה. באמת קשה לראות את כל הבשר המת הזה. ומכעיס.

My addiction to restaurants

Once I stopped eating animal products, I became more and more aware of my strong desire to eat out in restaurants, and the strange thing was that this urge seemingly became stronger with time. I found myself fantasizing about restaurant food (mainly Italian) every time I walked outside. Also, I've been realizing that I still have this lovely, even "romantic", vision of going out to restaurants, even though the delicious food which made those memories is not eaten by me anymore, and I won't get the same pleasure I used to get from the food in those places. Maybe the sweet vision of a restaurant will change over time, as the experiences change (i.e. eating vegan- less yummy- food) and the old delicious ones fade away, but as of now, I still love going to restaurants, as if I forget I won't be eating the food I really like. And that's probably why the urge to eat out only grows. Because I eat out, but my desire is not fulfilled, my taste buds are not satisfied, and I keep wanting to go back, and maybe eat something really yummy this time.
I really, really, really, really, really miss pastas with cream sauces. That used to be one of my life's highlights, and now? What do I have? Vegetables? Rice? Sushi? Yeah, I have sushi, but still...
It's so awful that this culture is so based on these industries of cruelty. So yummy, yet so cruel.
Ideologies are always hard, someone said?
Oh, I miss cream.
This is really a battle between what's right and what's yummy.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

אני לא טובה במה שאני אוהבת לעשות

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I want to stop saying I'm vegan, and instead say that I do not, or try not, or believe in not, eating animal products from industrial farms, because a) my main problem is with the industrial farms of today, b) if I find a person who has a personal cow in their backyard, whose milk the person takes (the leftovers, that is, after the calves take), I might just eat it, because I am practically addicted and it's so hard for me to not eat milk prodcuts, and c) I might just eat a milk product once in a while, and I don't think that is so bad (even though I believe I shouldn't ever), because almost-never buying milk prodcuts is much better than buying it regularly, and again- it's sooo hard not to eat it! I believe in veganism. Well- in not eating animal products from industrialized farms. And I don't think we NEED to eat animal products at all, even from non-industrial farms, but as a person who was raised eating those products and became almost addicted to them, I think it is alright to find home-farms (where the animals do not suffer at all), until next generation, when the kids will grow up vegan and won't need it at all.
My food is usually dull and I remember what real dairy food tastes like (I don't really remember the taste, but I remember the great emotion I felt while eating something delicious- a heavenly feeling, in fact). Butter, oh butter makes everything taste so good!
I try to find good recipes and people claim some of them are "really like the real thing", and I'm sorry to disappoint, but it just isn't!
There's nothing like butter and cream. But we cannot eat them. We were raised on these industries of cruelty and that's what's so sad. It was so yummy, but so cruel.
And we need to stop.