Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I want to stop saying I'm vegan, and instead say that I do not, or try not, or believe in not, eating animal products from industrial farms, because a) my main problem is with the industrial farms of today, b) if I find a person who has a personal cow in their backyard, whose milk the person takes (the leftovers, that is, after the calves take), I might just eat it, because I am practically addicted and it's so hard for me to not eat milk prodcuts, and c) I might just eat a milk product once in a while, and I don't think that is so bad (even though I believe I shouldn't ever), because almost-never buying milk prodcuts is much better than buying it regularly, and again- it's sooo hard not to eat it! I believe in veganism. Well- in not eating animal products from industrialized farms. And I don't think we NEED to eat animal products at all, even from non-industrial farms, but as a person who was raised eating those products and became almost addicted to them, I think it is alright to find home-farms (where the animals do not suffer at all), until next generation, when the kids will grow up vegan and won't need it at all.
My food is usually dull and I remember what real dairy food tastes like (I don't really remember the taste, but I remember the great emotion I felt while eating something delicious- a heavenly feeling, in fact). Butter, oh butter makes everything taste so good!
I try to find good recipes and people claim some of them are "really like the real thing", and I'm sorry to disappoint, but it just isn't!
There's nothing like butter and cream. But we cannot eat them. We were raised on these industries of cruelty and that's what's so sad. It was so yummy, but so cruel.
And we need to stop.

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