Monday, April 08, 2013

My addiction to restaurants

Once I stopped eating animal products, I became more and more aware of my strong desire to eat out in restaurants, and the strange thing was that this urge seemingly became stronger with time. I found myself fantasizing about restaurant food (mainly Italian) every time I walked outside. Also, I've been realizing that I still have this lovely, even "romantic", vision of going out to restaurants, even though the delicious food which made those memories is not eaten by me anymore, and I won't get the same pleasure I used to get from the food in those places. Maybe the sweet vision of a restaurant will change over time, as the experiences change (i.e. eating vegan- less yummy- food) and the old delicious ones fade away, but as of now, I still love going to restaurants, as if I forget I won't be eating the food I really like. And that's probably why the urge to eat out only grows. Because I eat out, but my desire is not fulfilled, my taste buds are not satisfied, and I keep wanting to go back, and maybe eat something really yummy this time.
I really, really, really, really, really miss pastas with cream sauces. That used to be one of my life's highlights, and now? What do I have? Vegetables? Rice? Sushi? Yeah, I have sushi, but still...
It's so awful that this culture is so based on these industries of cruelty. So yummy, yet so cruel.
Ideologies are always hard, someone said?
Oh, I miss cream.
This is really a battle between what's right and what's yummy.

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