Sunday, April 14, 2013


We share this earth with other Earthlings and suffering should equalize everyone.
This is a movie called "Earthling". I started watching it, after hearing a short speech by the vice president of Citi bank about the animal industries.
The first part of Earthling is about our PETS. Well, not OUR pets, but the crisis of pets in general (dogs, cats). I guess the movie is talking about the Unites States, and I don't know where else this happens, but probably in other countries as well. Many municipalities aparently hold stray animals in very rough conditions. Many private people hold animals in cages to sell to animal shops and animal shows. There are video exerpts of such animals, dogs in tiny cages, running around themselves in circles because they are going crazy. Outside the cage there is a whole yard but these poor dogs are stuck in these cages. And seeing dogs like that arouses much symaphy (from me at least) because of how close we humans are to dogs, emotionally. It was like imagining a human in there, for months, or years, in a tiny cage.
I recommend you watch the movie instead of hear about it through my limping explanations.
They show dogs who are killed in gas chambers, and then they take them out once they've died and throw them in the garbage.

I stopped watching the video after a few minutes, and all I could think was Oh my god.
This is horrible, and what's worse is that I can only watch and not do anything about it. So what am I watching for? I stopped.

And I looked at Nemo, cuddled up right in back of my laptop, on the bed, on the blanket, dreaming away, so contently. I am so happy I can give at least this one precious dog a nice home and caring owners.
I really feel happy for Nemo and for other dogs who live in caring homes.

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