Monday, July 15, 2013


Two things I know:
1) I need to fly to Florida. I plan on us living there for a year in two years after I graduate from art school.
2) When I'm in Florida, I won't stand being vegan and I think I will give in and be only vegetarian (will eat milk and eggs, but not meat).
I know the animals won't forgive me and it will be a cruel move, but I think for the sake of sustaining the good memory I have of Florida, I will not be strong enough to give up on that and abstain from dairy products.
I will feel bad, but I will feel happy, too, to be able to relive all my precious summer memories.
Ugh. I wish dairy products didn't really come from cows and didn't include stealing milk from them.

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yardena rosner said...

way do you think you will not be vegan there? the US practically invented veganism
and way do you want to go? way Florida?