Thursday, August 22, 2013


I think that we humans are greedy in our relationship with the world. We are greedy with everything the world buds, whether it be Mother Earth's creations or human technology. We NEED things. We buy tons of things all the time. Food. We buy and eat more food that we actually need. We breed ourselves to gorge in huge meals and snacks and candies and house appliances and furniture and telephones and everything else we can get our hands on. We're always hungry and never full or satisfied with what we have, we always want more. We take, we always take. The Earth gives and we edaciously devour. I would like to think we don't need to snatch everything we see, and that we can (and should) live simply, without harming and enslaving the land we live on and the creatures around us. 

Last year we met a man who grows everything he eats in his own garden. He has a small house and eats only fruits, vegetables and nuts. Nothing more. And he is content (and healthy). I think we should learn from people like that, who are caring toward the Earth, who are respectful of the flora and fauna around them. People who are modest, and know to thank Mother Earth for all of her wonders, for everything she offers us, and to live with her at peace, and not ravenously demand.
We can live simple, modest lives. Loving and caring for all those around us. Not taking what we don't need. Not enslaving the land, humans and other animals. 

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