Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Three inventions\technologies that should (and probably will) be invented in the next decade and will help me very much:

1) A professional scanner that is not flat-based but rather reads your information just by hovering it over the object\photo. This is good for high-quality scanning of photos in albums that are hard to lay open on a scanner, or other objects that are hard\impossible to lay flat on a scanner.

2) A photo album that can show videos. While watching a family-memoir-video I made yesterday, I imagined seeing it inside an album I can have on the shelf. You can open and see photos like regular albums AND watch videos on the flat page of that same album. This way I can show videos and not only photos on my bookshelves when people come over, or it can be used by artists\advertisers as a showpiece, instead of having to turn on a computer. And think how cool it is to open a book and watch a video inside.

3) Something that can capture smells. 180 years ago photography was invented which enabled an image to be fixated on a surface. Now we need to invent something that will fixate a smell. I was in Florida in my grandparents' apartment and kept thinking- if only there was a way to seal the smell in something and then smell it or use it later, let's say in an art exhibit. And I felt as someone might have felt before cell phones were invented: I'm sure this will be invented someday soon because it's a much needed technology. And hopefully in my lifetime, but unfortunately probably too late for me to capture those specific smells I want.

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