Sunday, June 08, 2014

I am in favor of all sorts of anarchist, socialist, pluralist ideas.

Last year I wanted to create a studio-photographed version of one of my favorite paintings- The Kiss by Klimt. I adored that painting without knowing much about the painter himself. The composition of the two bodies, the connection between them, their unification under one golden embroidery, their thin slanted hands, were all enough to make me fall in love with this modern Art Nouveau masterpiece.

I now need to research Gustav Klimt for a "referent" for my art history class. A few months ago I received a book called "Lady in Gold" (in Hebrew translation) for my birthday from my brother and sister in law, and since then it's been sitting on the shelf unread. Now was the perfect time to start reading it and learn something about this interesting artist. Well, I was surpsied to find a book filled with historical information of Vienna at the turn of the century, much broader than the story of only Klimt. This book, although not amazingly written, contains so much information about the era, and I am so glad I had a reason to open it! Klimt was involved with the rising feminism, socialism and modernism, turning his back at the old traditions of aristocracy, rigidness and strict social classes that characterized the art and the culture. He was in favor of free art, new art, exposed and unrepressed art, freedom for women and for everyone. He was one of the founders of the "Sezessionsstil". He came across all sorts of famous or important people throughout his life, and through his story one can learn of the life of the Jews in Vienna, of the rising Nazism, of the changing winds of Vienna toward racism, and of the coming of modernism.
A lot of isms. 
I recommend this book to everyone.

I'm starting to understand what the Holocaust was about. I always knew OF it, but never really understood IT. Reading about Hitler in his early years- coming from a poor family, failing school, failing entrance exams to art school, and his developing anger toward Jews and other minorities- cannot ready you for knowing that twenty years later, led by this one person- the wiping out of six million Jews, who were up until that time leading figures in Eurpoean culture. They symbolized to him the "new", the "modern", the "change", and he did NOT like that. He wanted the calssic old Germany, without the filthy Jews' reformed ideas of art, culture and progress.

It's fascinating.

I often wonder how much impact one person can have. Hitler had an immense influence on the lives and deaths of millions.

On the other hand- there is that opinion that I sometimes come across- claiming that history would happen how it happened anyway, whether or not specific people were there to bring it out. This oulook is relevant when I talk to people about the desire to CHANGE things, to be active and to fight for what I believe is right, and fair, and honest. Some people claim that our influence on the ways things run in this world are so miniscule, that we really do not need to get involved. I wonder about that a lot. Especially after a class we had in school talking about meditation, talking about Gurus, talking about being enlightened and havign a revelation- while a revelation is complete acceptance of the world, with all its cruelty and evils. I assume that means you need to be AWARE of those evils to be able to at last find peace with them- and so this is not refering to all those millions of people who are oblivious of what's going on in the world and what the ramifications are of their actions. I understood this when I thought that mayeb all those people who do not fight for other peoples or animals rights are just living in that enlightened acceptance. But I do not think that is the reason most people are not active.

In any case, I admire Buddhist\Hundu\Any gurus who find peace within themselves and with the world, but I myself must act.

Reading about the women in Gustav Klimt's life, together with my two years at art school, brought me to the realization that one does not need to be a genius to say what one has to say, or to create what one wants to create. Some art may look like shit, and people may say "well, even I can do that". Well, but you DON'T do that, and you don't have the need to do that, and that's the difference. I do what I do, and no other person will ever have exactly the same things to say or to show, and that makes me and my art unique. And that makes every artist unique. If they get to their art through deep self searching and through a true desire to express and to create, then their art is worthy. I'm thinking of this also in relation to the "problem" Hitler had with the Jews, who were in his opinion responsible for all the new art coming around, for all the "shit" that was being made. I think we must learn that all art is worthy, no art is so anarchist that we must wipe out its creators. All art and all people must be given their place to express without being oppressed or persecuted.

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