Friday, October 03, 2014

New Year Resolutions

I find myself a better and stronger person from year to year. Small resolutions seem to be popular but they aren't right for me. I can't know what will happen and therefore can't know what part of me will learn and be strengthened. I don't know what obstacles I will have to fight against, but I always in any case try harder everytime an obstacle comes my way. I take everything I have acquired and learned in the past 24 years and together somehow it makes me able to make it through anything. All the love, anger, imagination, trauma, disappointment, sorrow, togetherness and aloneness that I have experienced in my life made me who I am today and built in me a force that can face anything with compassion, integrity and strength.
I love who I am. I love the people, animals and nature who share this planet with me. Really, I just love everyone and everything.
I hope next year I will again be able to proudly say that I am stronger than I was the year before.

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