Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crazy and amazing dream I dreamt on the night between the 14th and 15th of November:

We were on a flight to somewhere in the US. The plane was laid out differently than the ordinary plane (it was a long row of comfortable seats along one side), it was kind of a combination of what I thought in my dream was a spaceship and an airplane. We were like REALLY far away from Earth, but we were over Arizona. I was at the end and Shmuel was next to me. For some reason we were wearing only underwear because (in the dream) that was allowed in airplanes, and I thought- boy, that's strange that in airplanes you can be half naked. I knew we were over Arizona because ocassionally the peaks of orange mountains came into view through the windows. The sky was vibrant dark desert shades of orange, and I loved Arizona. The guy in charge (who wasn't the pilot, but just the organizer of the trip- he looked similar to someone I knew, now I don't know who, and he dressed funny- maybe similar to the man who declares on the lightrail in Jm that we must all start believing in the way of King David- love and peace, etc.) came out and said on the loudspeaker that since the plane is flying low - 1,600 (miles?) high- we will have to emergency-land. I knew that sounded familiar (in class last week we were talking about sonic booms in my Sound class, and about how airplanes need to fly above a certain height). The plane neared the ground and landed in the desert. Everyone exited the plane to tour the new land, the new planet. I put on my clothes first and then joined the rest outside, wondering where Shmuel had gone. It was kind of like being on Mars. It was pitch black except for my close surroundings, like a spotlight. I couldn't see who or what was out there. 
Then I was on a long and wide beautiful street with rows of trees and large homes. I saw two men on the sidewalk near the crosswalk (maybe inspired by the two drunk Russian men who tried to tease Nemo during our walk last night) positioning a 4X5 (large format) film camera on a tripod in front of them. I neared them and said I love that, and that I'm a photography student. They were happy to hear that and offered me a whole package of 4X5 plates (film). I said- Wow, no thanks, one will be enough. We crossed the street to the house they were going to. The entrance to the house was big and fancy. Their families were in the living room inside. I explained to them about the flight and the emergency landing. Two young boys in the family helped me take out the camera, up the long path to the edge of it, near the road. I set up the camera and told them I'll also need the plates, if they can get them for me. I glanced around looking for something I'd want to shoot. I actually stopped and glared, in the dream, in all four directions, my eyes like a still video set on a certain view, and I remember clearly what I saw and what the landscape looked like. A foggy sky, long boulevard of trees. To the left it was thick, dark trees on the left of the frame, coming in diagonally down. To the right or straight were thinner, taller trees and the same beautiful sky.
That's it.

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