Wednesday, January 07, 2015

While seeing a neighbor's daughter - who is married with two children, and who believes in and follows the same religious pattern as her parents - I came upon the idea that maybe any situation in which a child grows up believing in the same things as their parents and in the same way of living, even if the details are different but the framework is the same, is an unnatural situation. Religion does that, it brings people into a set belief system, but the thought that children will fit into the same thought system as their predecessors is uncanny and even absurd.
This was one of those ideas that is more a feeling than an idea, but it was a strong feeling, and maybe it can develop into an interesting idea.
Maybe I'll think about it some more. Maybe not.
If you have any thoughts on the subject, or on any subject, you're welcome to comment.


taltalz said...

I think in many cases it depends on how the child is raised and educated.
There is a fine line between brainwashing/ scaring a child into a belief system, as opposed to teaching values from a loving, accepting standpoint and through an unwavering belief in the way he has chosen. Love and consistence shine through to a child, even subconsciously, in the end.
That's my opinion.

*Miriam* said...

I understand that, but I think that even in the most loving type of education, the "natural" thing would be to chose a different way in life, one that suits YOU specifically, as a person, from beginning to end. And if a person was brought up with love and understanding then that will lead them through every path they take, but it doesn't mean their path shouldn't be fundamentally different than their parents' path. I think it should be. Maybe. You're saying you don't think there's anything wrong with continuing on the same belief system, if it was chosen freely. So I guess I think that I think that that is not really naturally possible, but only is made possible through these religions that by definition are specific and unifying.

*Miriam* said...

And I mean that the unifying is not natural, and that one religion cannot possibly be naturally right for everyone.

*Miriam* said...

But I guess that is not relevant, because nowadays nothing in our decisions is "natural" anyway.