Thursday, February 05, 2015

Beautiful people

I see photos of beautiful people I know in love, and I feel utterly jealous.
I see beautiful people, I'm jealous.
Beauty does that.
When someone is too beautiful, they need to know that alongside the advantage of adding Beauty to this world, they are also broadening the function of Jealousy in it.
Sometimes I think, maybe it'd be better if I and everyone else were ugly. I want to eliminate jealousy. I myself don't want to have anything about me that will make others jealous, just as I hate being jealous of others. I love being pretty but we should all be ugly and sad.
People say being good and pretty inspires others, but I think, to the contrary-
Being ugly and sad makes other people feel good about themselves, and that's good.

And all that shit about just being happy with yourself and not looking right or left at others, that's complete bullshit.

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