Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I don't know why 
I want children
Little, sweet, beautiful children
To love and care for and feed and teach compassion to.

I want the moment of realization with someone I love:
I'm pregnant with your baby.
I want the nine months of pregnancy 
I want to share the knowledge and excitement with every little movement and growth of the fetus
I want to watch as my body grows, 
I want to read articles about home births, water births,
And when the time comes I want to prepare my own home and water birth
With my dear love by my side
And a caring doula
And a friend to photograph
I want to feel the actuality and the reality of a human baby emerging out into the world.
I want to hold her,
I want to hold her and hold her and hold her
I want to be serene and calm
I want to share the serenity and calmness with someone I love,
Someone who will endure my serenity, vulnerability, fears and tears of joy with passion and care.

I do want children.
I do.

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