Saturday, March 28, 2015

In September I want to fly to the Unites States for four months.
My tentative plan is this:
One month in south Florida, living with my relatives and volunteering in an animal sanctuary (depends on whether I find one).
Two months in total hiking (one-week to a month-long hikes each time) on trails in the West (Arizona-California) and visiting my relatives in Phoenix for a few days.
One month in total between spending time with Ben&Steph in SF, a week in Portland, Oregon, (maybe Yellowstone and maybe Penland, North Carolina [a unique art center]) and a week or two in New York City.

(Draft #2 of plan, in chronological order:
One week in NYC
Two weeks either in Penland or hiking on the east coast
(Fly to Arizona)
Spend one week with relatives in Phoenix
One month hiking from Arizona to California, maybe stopping in LA
One week in SF
One week in Portland, Oregon
Then one month in Florida)

For all this to happen I need to find (nice, decent) people who want to hike with me (preferably people who also want a meaningful meditative zen experience in nature), and I need to find a place in south Florida to volunteer.

If you have any ideas\suggestions for me or if you or someone you know may want to join me, I'd be really happy to know!

Also ideas on how to make money quickly in order to have enough for this trip (or donations) :) 
I need money for the flights themselves (from Israel to the US and back, and flights inside the US), buses\trains between cities, a minimal amount of food for the hikes, campground fees, occasional (vegan\organic) restaurants, and I want to buy some books while I'm there.

Oh, and shoes. I'll need hiking shoes.

(Photos from our trip to Arizona, 2011)

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