Saturday, March 28, 2015

polyamory (having more than one romantic relationship at a time)

This woman talks about her polyamoric relationship, a romantic relationship with more than one person. In her case, with a woman and a man.
I agree that it does seem odd to be with the same person an entire lifetime, and I'm sure it's not right for everyone. I think people should let themselves freely choose how many partners they want.
I admire her ability to see outside of the monogamous box and find how to romantically\sexually\personally fulfill herself in a way that is right for her.
Sometimes I wonder if it would be right for me to, but it's too scary to let go of the traditional monogamy, which provides a good net of security and certainty.
I would be willing to go for it if my partner also wanted to.
Jealousy is possessiveness, which I want to rid of, but I know I'd be jealous. I think it's something I would be willing to work on if I had the option.
As I'm writing I'm thinking, nah, nix that. I want my monogamous relationship. I want to be with one partner I trust and love. That's probably enough for me.
But I don't know, and I think people could be more open to let themselves experiment and try out different types of relationships, with both sexes.
Love should not have so many social boundaries.
(Of course relationships must be mutual, and it is legal and moral to have a relationship only with a person above the age of 18 who gives his or her full consent to the relationship, but aside from these obvious facts, we really don't necessarily need to define that we love "men" or "women", but simply human beings. We can fall in love with anyone and why not go for it? We may all be bisexual creatures who by social norms are forced to choose only one sex to be attracted to.)

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