Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I need to make myself a home that I'm comfortable in.
My physical surroundings have a huge impact on my mental ability to be active and to create.
The apartment I live in right now is cold and dark and silent when I walk in and the furniture is old and very narrow and (what's the opposite of fluffy and cushiony? - that's what it is). And the kitchen always - always (even after I bake) smells bad (it smelled like that ever since I moved in. No fault of my own).
I sit down on my bed with my computer (no, actually, I sat in front of the window for 30 minutes and stared out until I mustered up enough charisma to move to the bed), stare at the screen (the facebook screen), plug in my external hard-drive and then just sit here and do nothing because my heart is like sunk and plastered into the bedsheets.
So I'm just gonna sit here ... and sit here ... and sit
And do nothing
Because I physically can't get myself to do it.
Plastered to the dryness of this house.

SO anyway,
my next home will be homey.
It will be warm, with soft cushioney furniture in small colorful rooms.

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