Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sometimes I think, maybe the battle for animal liberation is not 100% just, maybe there is something fair and just in the stance of the meat-eaters (I must think that so that I won't go completely insane), maybe I shouldn't dedicate myself to the animals' freedom and well-being, maybe just a little bit is enough so that I won't be too extreme... But then I remember people like Martin Luther King, jr. (Although I cannot compare myself to him, as I mainly just speak and write and he was a social leader who actually did stuff to change the situation.) Did he let loose of his cause every so often so that he wouldn't be "too extreme"? Did he fight only sometimes, only a little bit? No, he thought about black liberation every waking minute. He was dedicated to the cause ever since he realized that it is something worth fighting for. And as I do have other occupations in life besides fighting for the animals (like fighting for humans, for women, for children, for personal freedom, and working and doing art, etc.), I do believe that fighting for them is the right, reasonable, ethical thing to do.

I often wonder why I became vegan as soon as I was exposed to the truth of the cruelty behind the walls of the slaughterhouses and industrial cow and chicken farms, while other people know the same truth, know of the abuse, the torture, the suffering caused to living, feeling beings, and still do not become vegan. Maybe my compassion for living beings and for pain of living beings (especially helpless innocent ones) is stronger than other people's, although I find that hard to believe, since I am surrounded by people who share that same capacity of compassion in them. It really is beyond my understanding how people know that they are separating a baby from a mother when they drink milk, are causing the systematic, even rhythmic, killing of thousands of animals each and every day, are responsible for the killing of male chicks in the egg industry, are causing immediate and certain pain to every single animal in the industry (including fish), are destroying the environment, and yet they just keep on doing it. It really is beyond me...

When I saw Gary Yourofsky's lecture in January of 2012, I decided right there and then that I will NOT be part of this industry which hurts beings that I do NOT want to hurt.

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