Thursday, July 30, 2015

Am I wrong? Is there not avid violence bursting out from every industrial farm and slaughterhouse? Am I hallucinating that something is very wrong in the world we create when we take advantage of and hurt others?

How is it that I've been vegan for three and a half years and have been talking about animal rights and veganism for the past three and a half years, yet no one in my immediate circle has been inspired one iota to reduce their consumption of animal products?

How is it that videos, photos and verbal explanations have no impact on people?

How is it that an ideology of compassion and nonviolence is so hard for people to understand and join?

And first and foremost- how is it that the people who grew up in the same environment as I did do not care, while something in that specific environment helped me decide to care and stop hurting others? Is it because I myself experienced violence? Does one have to experience violence on one's own body to decide not to inflict violence upon others?

Howcome it's so hard for people to CHANGE? 

I feel that now is my time to stop. Stop talking veganism and animals rights, stop trying to influence others. I see nothing changes anybody, I will be quiet, I must. I give up. 

I'm trying to save those that other people are killing.

This is urgent because with every day that passes, thousands more animals are hurt and killed.

But one small person as myself has no way to be of any inspiration to others.


Anonymous said...

your blog inspired me to stop eating meat...

*Miriam* said...

Wow :)