Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Knowledge is Power

Even though I am seemingly at understanding with two conflicting outlooks on the intake of life (one being passive and inward, the other being active and outward), I do tend to take a more active stance, and I believe that knowledge is power, and that exposing people (especially children) to as many things as possible is important for their worldly development and for their future (hopefully positive) effect on the world. I'm not talking about overwhelming children with too much stimulation or information, but rather unfolding or upholding in them their curiosity for information and their willingness to learn.
I find that we adults very easily claim that we have no time to devote to researching new topics, reading new information or getting involved in things that are not our daily routine. I myself feel that while running from one job to the other, from school to home to walking Nemo to cooking food, I rarely have patience to sit and read a long article about some sort of important world topic. The same goes for people who do not have time to read about veganism or about the suffering they are causing when they buy milk, eggs and meat. I find that a shame. And I think the main problem here is not the absence of spare time, but the absence of my ability to look beyond my routine, the absence of curiosity. I am positive that there are ways to breath amidst all the mess and the stress of our lives. I am positive that we can look into something that interests us, without feeling like we must be doing something else, something "productive", instead.
And back to the beginning, I think exposing children to information-sources, to different people and different cultures, to books, to the internet, will contribute a whole lot of goodness to the way humanity looks...
I think about this very often when I'm on the road, on buses, walking the streets of Jerusalem, when I come across far too many narrow-minded, racist, unaware people, and I think- wow, I have GOT to get into education ASAP.
I plan on studying education and environmental studies, and then... Starting to improve the world, one knowledgeable child at a time...

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