Monday, December 28, 2015

The right to do what's right

I often wonder what gives me the "right" to try to convince people of a certain moral principle. I mean, I've been aware of animal cruelty for only four short years now. And I'm young; who am I to try and assess what's right, just and moral? But on the contrary, I know that all social change and movements against violence (veganism being in that category) were done not by people who were born with that idea or to whom was given a social "right" of fighting for their cause, but rather by people who arrived at the realization that something is immoral and changeable, through awareness and sensibility. And that in itself makes their cause worthy and gives them (and me, and all other believers in moral improvement) the right to speak up about it and to try to change the world.
(Veganism is a movement against violence toward nonhuman animals. Human animals are protected by governments and laws and by their own ability to speak up. Nonhuman animals do not have these and cannot speak up for themselves. They suffer silently behind closed doors and therefore we must be their voice, and we must protect them.)

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