Thursday, December 31, 2015


There are few things that I can take the responsibility of firmly believing in. When it comes to politics, for instance, I cannot definitely stand behind any one opinion. I agree with many sides and points of view, and the schemes of political stances are complex and not easily understandable.
But there are a few things in the world I am sure about, and those are the things I strongly stand behind and promote.
Some of those things are animal welfare, child welfare and composting.


It's important to compost our organic waste instead of tossing it in the trash (why do we even have trash? Why do we have SO MUCH trash?) because giving organic waste the opportunity to decompose into the ground is better for the environment and for the soil. 1) It enriches the soil, 2) Organic waste rotting away in landfills releases methane gas, which is an important component in global warming. We should not be throwing ANY organic waste in the trash, but rather into the ground (while treating it correctly: Aerating it and covering it with dry leaves or other dry organic substance). Reducing the amount of "regular" garbage we produce will also help reduce vehicular pollution by reducing the amount of trucks needed to lead the garbage to the landfill. Being able to recycle our waste ourselves, in our own homes/local areas, is a wonderful thing.

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