Wednesday, January 06, 2016

New Years Eve 2016

This News Years was the best ever.
S and I started the night at a "VeganNewYears party", which ended up being a party of ערסים. I was not dressed "accordingly" (all the women wore tight black dresses)- I was with jeans and my floral shirt Dena sewed for me last year. And the flashing colorful lights and the trans music were not my thing. 
We pretty soon left there and went to the בר קיימא, which is a vegan cooperative bar, and there the vibes were amazing. Having already drank some vodka and whiskey at the other party, as soon as I got there I was able to start dancing... And pretty much didn't stop until almost 2 am. Every hour on the hour the bar gave out a free shot for everyone, a drink from a country which was celebrating midnight at that hour. And then at the end of the night S bought me a (vegan) cheesecake, which I loved. Absolutely loved, and savored every bite, and savored every moment of that wonderful night with S.
When we left we walked to the bus stop to wait for a bus home and a couple walked by and offered me half a grapefruit, which I thought was really nice. (I ate it.)

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