Friday, January 08, 2016

The airport and the beach

When I landed in Israel, I was so excited.
I was so excited to be seeing my love right out of the airport!

I met a guy in Miami who was also going back to Israel. We talked in Miami and then we talked in Madrid, when we had a two hour layover. He's married and is moving to Miami (and claims he will vote for Donald Trump [!!!]). Turned out his seat was next to mine from Madrid to Israel. I told him about S, and about the breakups and the issues, and that he's picking me up from the airport.
"I can tell you're excited!" he exclaimed.
"Oh, yeah," I answered, with a tear of excitement welling up in my eye. As we landed I just stared out the window, smiling, at the land, at the place where S would be seeing me again.

I called S as soon as phones were permitted again upon landing.
I thought it would take me about 40 minutes to get out of there, but I got out really fast. S was stuck in traffic and I waited outside, counting down the minutes till he'd arrive.
I was so happy to be back home, I just gazed around at the people leaving the airport or arriving at the airport, suitcases, soldiers, people yelling. I was home and it felt good.
S pulled up in his car.
He got out, and it really is hard to define in words the wonder of seeing someone you love and haven't seen for so long, so I won't attempt to describe it (but if you know the feeling then you surely understand the magic). He came right over and gathered me up in a big long long long long hug that only S knows how to give.
And then a kiss
And a hug again.
And then he put my suitcase in the back, and we got in the car and drove to Beit Shemesh for an engagement party of a friend of mine.
After the party we drove back to Tel Aviv, to his apartment.

I was jetlagged. I woke up at 4 am and lay in bed for about another two hours. Then I finally decided to quietly wake up S and ask him for directions to the beach.

I felt a little bad waking him so early on a Friday morning but it didn't bother him. He was actually happy to get up and go with me! :)

We walked to the beach at 7 am. Every little thing about the morning seemed wondrous to me, and especially S in his new winter jacket.

I told him, "early mornings always remind me of times years ago, like in the מכינה, and I wonder how many times we'll need to wake up early and walk to the beach before early mornings will remind me of THIS."

It was the best time I ever had on a beach. We just sat there and looked out.
We were THERE.
All of my time in America I felt I was not really THERE.
But here in Israel, I'm HERE. I feel here.

This is a selfie we took that morning on the beach:

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