Wednesday, January 13, 2016


World / me

A splendid world has birthed us
And holds us in its arms,
And rocks us through its trees and lakes
And shows us love unarmed.

It gives us life with cows and cats
And dogs and fish and geese,
But instead of loving these dear ones
We cook them for our feast.

(We pay people to take their lives,
We take and don’t give back,
And think that we deserve it
As the leaders of the pack.)

It shows us how to breath and love
The air we should be saving,
But we just go and dirty it
With shit we are creating.

We should be taking better care
Of all the things we hold,
But we choose to ignore that, hurting
All that we behold.

We throw away much more than what
We actually do need,
We don’t much know who made our things
But we still buy, indeed!

Now let’s just take a moment here
And see what can be done
To help resolve this carnage
Let’s try to be the ones!

The ones to be more caring
More knowing, more aligned
With all that nature’s singing.
Let’s be more aware and kind!

(poem and drawing by me)

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