Monday, March 07, 2016


I've got many many people to thank. 26 years of receiving. My existence is very much based on the immense inspiration and gratitude I feel and endure and never really know how to contain, because it is so vast and encompassing. I sometimes think it would be fit to send out a letter (via snail-mail) to every single person I know, because every single person has given me something, but that task would be impossible for me; I would never finish it. I think maybe, then, I should send letters to just certain people, the ones whose impact is most noticeable to me; But I won't get around to doing that, either. And in a sense I feel that my lack of acknowledgment of gratefulness is almost a crime against morality. I believe every little act of kindness done toward me should be acknowledged and praised, because every little act in my mind is a huge act of Beauty and Love that shouldn't be taken for granted. And that is what life is based on, beauty and love, so that is what I must be thankful for.
I probably won't send those letters, even though it is my dream to do so.
But I will attempt to comprise it all, or some of it, in a blog post, soon.

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