Monday, May 23, 2016

Words float out of me slowly, part 2

I realize that the verbal impediment probably stems from the same place as my anxiety from interactions with people.
Not all people.
There are some people who I meet and feel very comfortable with. These are usually soft-spoken, patient, calm, sweet people, who make their tolerance, attentiveness and empathy a lifestyle.
But many people I encounter - bosses, for instance, or people with authority or power over me - make me feel so frightened, so anxious, so conscientious, that I find myself dreading every confrontation with them, not finding words to express anything, not wanting to express anything, being so careful, and tiptoeing around my own self like a thief.
And on those rare occasions when I do happen to meet wondrous people who make me feel at home, it makes me so joyful that I nearly skip all the way home and I tell Tal all about it.

(Photo I took in Lithuania)

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