Thursday, December 29, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dreams, just for the record

Dreams, just for the record:

Take voice lessons
Make art - eclectic paintings, video art, portrait photography
Learn to play guitar and violin again
Record a song (write a song!)
Make a music video for the song
Live in a minivan in the US (coming up soon!)
Backpack in South America and in India
Volunteer in third world countries, teaching children
Write a book
Compile drawings of children from places I'll be around the world and make a book out of them
Own a house with a big big yard
Adopt animals in need and give them a good, free life in that big yard
Study in the Arava Institute of Environment
Run (or co-run) an important environmental organization
Study education and philosophy
Voluntarily run art programs for underprivileged children
Be part of an Israeli-Palestinian partnership program/school
Learn Arabic
Learn Russian
(Later addition, which I forgot:) Be at a Coldplay concert!
(And another one I forgot:) An art exhibition of my own