Wednesday, February 01, 2017

What I Love and always Want

Open, natural, green spaces and clear air
Coffee in a mug in the mornings
Time and space to read, write and be silent
Being part of social revolutions and public human gatherings of Peace
Putting myself in situations of people, music, concerts, group singing, 
voices, chanting, meditation, yoga
Pies and cakes
Someone who will listen to me without being condescending 
or mean, someone who will hug me, smile at me,
respect and appreciate my dreams and aspirations,
tell me I'm beautiful, smart, creative and
above all-
Doing something with my art,
in a way that will make it feel that that 
is the essence in itself and the answer to the psyche,
with complete freedom of speech and expression
Good sex with someone I love and appreciate

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