Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sierra Nevada


When I don't hear music for a while, I'm fine, I'm a sane forward-paced, balanced human who is mediated by reason, by flow, by outer convictions, by those around me that sail me into a soft assurance of Homeness.

When I listen to music again - it's so beautiful, it is - it's so beautiful it makes me sad, it makes me remember, it takes me back a while, it makes me lose my faith in what's forward and reincarnates my faith in what i once knew, makes me want to cuddle in the oldness of what the child in me knew to be whole.

Music just directly goes right into the core of me and makes my open heart become so fluid, so teary, so raw, young, vulnerable, nostalgic, loving everything and everyone I have ever loved.

I love them all. They are all with me at present.
I still love and cherish everyone I have ever loved.