Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Just in case

This probably sounds pretty awful, but as always before a flight oversees, I'm scared, and think I should write a brief bundle of requests in the case of death: 

(1) Nemo
I want the best for Nemo. My heart is connected to hers, I have immense compassion and empathy toward her, and I want her to live with someone who will love her and pamper her and take care of her. It is up to the people mentioned hereinafter to decide with whom and where she will live, but Tal's opinion shall have the most weight and he shall be the first to decide if he will take upon himself the responsibility of being Nemo's owner, or if he will give that responsibility to someone else, and according to the following guidelines: Nemo shall live either with Tal, or with my parents, or with Dena, or with Gilad, or with someone who truly loves her whom I have forgotten (all of the above are not listed in order of preference, but just in random order). If she is to be flying back to Israel, she is not to be sent in a crate in the baggage compartment, but rather together with a person she knows and loves, who will get permission from the airline to do so. Nemo has flown with me in the past and is capable of lying at her caretaker's feet for the entirety of the flight (though she does need long walks outdoors on the day of the flight prior to the flight). If no airline is willing to allow her to travel on-board with her caretaker, I do beg that a special request is made, or a public outcry is made if necessary, to allow her to fly on-board with her caretaker. If need be, her caretaker will do what I did and get her registered with them as their "emotional support pet."
Nemo shall be treated with positive reinforcements, with love and with care, for the rest of her life.

(2) My stuff
I'd like for people who have an interest, a belief and a compassion for me, for sentiment, for feminism and for unbridled honesty, to go through my physical belongings and things in my parents' house and in other places where I might have things, such as all the papers with stories and poems and drawings and photos and ideas of mine, and decide what to do with them. On another note, I have started compiling blog posts from this blog for a book, on Google Drive. I have saved too many posts in that document and it needs to be edited more. Plus, I only got up to year 2011 I think.

(3) Me
You may mourn, but not too long. I do not want anyone to live in agony and sorrow, especially not the people I love. A person's death is sad or even tragic, but life must go on, remembering the deceased but also finding other sources of light. While our body may die, our consciousness still lives in the minds, energies, and particles of love in every being, animal and plant in the world. Our consciousness morphs and blends into all other ideas and thoughts inside all other creatures, contributing its own unique decrees and colors. My life was full of wondrous times with amazingly loving, talented and unique people. My life also had a lot of fear and remorse, but that is because I was always trying to find truth and love through pain and longing. I have lived with compassion, and if there is one legacy I'd leave, I'd want it to be the lifelong striving for compassion.
I've tried to write a lot throughout my life, and despite my many many words (some of which were published on this blog but many also not) I've never, in all my 27 years, been able to write one full explanation of my being. It is a lifelong process. I have tried my best, I wrote and lived honestly and genuinely, and I hope I have made people's (and animals') lives better.
Please please please try to love. Everyone and everything, of every color and every race and every species. Every sentient being is worthy of protection, space and companionship. Please do your best to give that to everyone who has a beating heart.

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