Tuesday, January 15, 2019

More about Type Four

I also took a *free* online Enneagram test to see how reliable the free ones are (because I want to recommend to my siblings to take it), and I got the same answer. Each place defines the Four a bit differently, and I identify with what it says here, too.

I am wondering what evolutionary purpose this type of personality has. Why does it exist? It seems so specific, and yet it is one of the nine types of all humans, according to the Enneagram philosophy. I am wondering also if there are certain types that more people have than other types. Let's check that out... Oh, it seems that 4 is rarer than some of the others. But still. What makes sense about this type? And how does this correspond to other personality tests, like the one with the four letter combinations?

The video of the woman I mentioned in the previous post is here.

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