Monday, January 21, 2019

One Mission Statement

I sometimes feel overwhelmed because I feel I have a unique mission to do in the world, but don't know how to realize it. Sometimes it's a matter of trying to scheme out a plan, but this causes stress, amid the great weight of the mission vs. the great smallness of me.

One of these missions (I don't like the word mission because it sounds to me like Christian Missionaries, and in fact my type of mission is fundamentally nonreligious, but I can't think of a better word) is advocating a channel for open communication between parents and kids (especially in religious homes - of any religion), relating specifically to the body and to the child's needs, while also not shaming the child for any bodily function. This is super important to me.

I take myself as an extreme case - I have experienced sexual trauma caused by an adult and sexual trauma caused by a sexual dysfunction in my childhood - and I say to myself "if a child is like that, is there an open channel through which she can talk to her parents about it?" (I did not. I want others to have one.)

I sincerely believe that I have been lucky to be able to live through my sufferings and still become a vibrant, cognizant, functioning and creative person (despite and with PTSD, etc.) but that there are surely children who would not have made it this way. Maybe due to my personality or to other influences in my life, I always had hope and a rich internal creative world, which both helped me grow. But I am sure that some children's cases would end in depression or suicide. I am not saying this to gloat. I am saying this because it is SO important to me to not let children be stuck in the same kind of emotional prison that I was stuck in.

In certain families I see (from near or from afar, or not physically at all), I don't visibly see such a channel. It could be that families do have these discussions in private, but I do not know, and it makes me scared, and makes me want to make sure all parents in the world know how important it is. In certain families there is also more secrecy around private body parts, and it seems to me that a child is left to either ignore, or worse - dislike, her private body parts.

It is so important for me to raise awareness on this issue..

How should I do it?
I do not know.
It worries me, it overwhelms me.

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