Monday, April 22, 2019


I wonder what part of me is the part that is scared, clueless and absent-minded (and the part that ponders more than does, that loses words more than creates them), and when in my development they took hold. I see people like Mogli, the beautiful wanderer-musician. She tells that from a young age her two mothers encouraged her to travel and be independent. I get very inspired from watching her videos (and we watched her documentary "Expedition Happiness" last year, about her van-conversion and -life), and in a sense, I feel very similar to her, although I am 29, not 24, and don't create anything nearly as beautiful or inspiring, even though I could, and I wonder why not. It is in me for sure, but something never really developed out of its little cocoon, I am still just as tiny as I was when I was 14. How can I become greater? 

Photo from 2008

For starters, I should download a sound-editing program to actually start making music. Then I should get a better camera and take my video-making more seriously. I should write more, and I should also work on my book. Not just writing an idea a day, because then they may never come together as a book, but to really write the parts of the book, like start with the first page, and continue on from there.

I should also do something with all the tens of thousands of photos I have taken over the years. It is a large body of work that came to be without specific intention, just by having a camera in hand all the time since my teenage years. I should choose favorites and make collections out of them, reflect on the memories and see what comes up, add poetry to them, display them in virtual or real art galleries.

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