Monday, June 03, 2019


I haven't written in a while... It's one of those times that I'm bubbling with inspiration, with a life force. I have to pace in slowly... Not try to squeeze a rainbow through a pinhole.
Today the kids I teach were so wonderful, as they always are. But today was my last day with them.
I'll have to wait a few more days before I write about today in a more comprehensive way... About feeling so loved and cherished, about knowing I am fulfilling some sort of mission, gift, I have in this world. About me, among many, being one as a part, being in a community, because appreciated and being able to appreciate. Being mentioned by others, being noticed. Doing things you believe in. Doing things you are good at. Finding that to generate more action. I will write in a few days... I have to wait, be patient! How can I? I am bubbling over. My inspiration juices are flowing, and with it my energy of creativity and creation, life and sex, confidence and adventure. I again feel in love with all and everything... Yearn for deep connections, so deep as to soul-collide with others, to soul-merge.

Flowers I got from a friend who I saw by surprise on a city bus a few weeks ago:

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